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Our Why

Here at Mission B, we strive to create a healthier tomorrow with handmade, quality products. We promote mental health, through the awe feeling, along with physical health by only producing quality products with natural ingredients. Experience the AWE with quality.

What is the awe feeling?

In short, it is the feeling you get when you use a quality product that you love. You cannot define what exactly the "awe feeling" is because everyone describes it in a different way. Believe us, we tried! Some of the words people correlate with the phrase includes rewarding, relieving, euphoric, and the list goes on! The answer is that the awe feeling can be any feeling you want! For us, we do not want to define it, we want to let you define it with our quality products that you love.

Our Story

Like most others, it all started as a fun hobby. I had first saw handmade soaps in a day spa my mother-in-law owned. She had made them herself and I was intrigued but was too busy to pursue making my own. A few years went by, and I saw more handmade soaps in a small store that caught my eye. So, this time I decided to go home and research. For weeks I watched YouTube videos, looked at the soaps others were creating, and finally I decided to dive head first into soaping. I bought all my equipment I thought I needed and started crafting soaps in my kitchen! My first creation was a Neapolitan soap I saw on a YouTube video. Looking back…it wasn’t the greatest first try, but I fell in love with the process. After I learned more of the process, I invited my kids to join and we expanded on more bath products than just soaps. My son (4-5 years old) and I would make bath bombs and immediately he would use them to take a long bath. My daughter loved to make soap with me as well…

I was around 10 years old when I first started making soap. I loved to put on my lab coat and write notes in my special notebook for my mother. To me, the process was like a fun chemistry project! My mother and I would have fun and it was always a good time when we made soap. As I grew older we still made bath products together and I learned more and more about the process and it was always an activity I enjoyed.

We both love the process of creating our products as much as we love using them. After using the products for years personally, we decided to take the leap and start distributing our products to the world. Our goal is to provide quality products that give everyone who uses them, what we like to call, the awe feeling. Only using natural and quality products sets you one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. 


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